PhD update

The PhD is progressing quite quickly now and the work to date has covered:

  • transcribing one Middle English Manuscript
  • translating one Anglo-Norman poem for three separate audiences
  • transcribing the annotations of two C16th century readers
  • transcribing the annotations of several readers of C17-19th (these are much smaller in number)
  • completing a comparison of Brie’s collated copy with my manuscript
  • completing a draft chapter on translation
  • identifying the themes for each chapter

So all in all a substantial amount of work and I am now ready to move on and write-up the medieval section of my thesis.

This is a sample of the handwriting I have been working with.

C16th handwriting
C16th handwriting

The handwriting is generally quite good to read, but the sample here is one of the more difficult sections to transcribe. I’m just waiting for my supervisor to check that I have this bit right.

Context does help with the interpretation, and compared to deciphering my own handwriting this manuscript is a joy to work with.

I’m intending to post regularly on my progress now that I have the transcriptions completed and the analysis begins in earnest. If you are interesting in hearing more do let me know.

Author: EHillson

Writer and Photographer.