Saying goodbye to the mirrorless camera

A few years ago I made the switch from Nikon to the Panasonic Lumix GX8 because I wanted to use a lighter camera that still gave me a good range of lenses to choose from. Initially I was extremely happy with my decision, but over time I have discovered an unforeseen problem with mirrorless cameras linked to my increasing light sensitivity.

I have to wear dark sunglasses most of the time now in moderate to bright sunlight, and this in turns means that I cannot see the OLED screen clearly on the Lumix nor can I see using the electronic viewfinder. The result – no photography on bright days.

At the same time I have been having to limit my screen time on computers, phones and the like due to an increasing number of screen induced migraines. The smaller the screen the more likely I am to have a problem. This in turn has impacted my ability to focus on objects using both the OLED screen and the electronic viewfinder. The result – no photography at all.

This has been going on for a couple of years now. I take the Lumix out for the day. Try a couple of snaps and then find myself feeling increasingly depressed about the challenges surrounding using the thing, and so it goes back in its bag for another month or so until I try again.

But on Sunday I suddenly remembered that although I had traded in all my ‘good’ Nikon kit when I bought the Lumix, I had kept the old D60. So I dragged it out of storage and had a peek through the viewfinder to discovered that I could see the scene outside my bedroom window without feeling dizzy,  without straining my eyes to focus on the image in front of me even while wearing sunglasses.

For now I’m hoping to get to know the old D60 again and then get back to some photography experiments at the weekend, work allowing. So for me the problem with electronic viewfinders is that I can no longer use them and so I am saying goodbye to the lightweight mirrorless camera range and moving back to the heavier DSLRs with pentaprism viewfinders.

Let’s hope the move makes photography fun again.



Llama photograph

I love taking pictures with the Lumix GX8. It’s a wonderful little camera – lightweight with excellent image quality. For me it has brought the joy back into photography.

This shot of a fawn coloured llama was taken with the GX8 and the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:.2.8 macro lens. This Olympus lens makes a really nice portrait lens. Further experiments with 1:1 macro shots are now in progress.

This image is posted at just 72dpi.

Dancing Teddy Bears

I’m still testing out the different functions on my Lumix GX8. The following image was created in camera using the multiple exposure feature.

Dancing Teddy Bears using multiple exposure

The menu option for multiple exposure on the Lumix is quite straightforward with easy to follow instructions and I fully intend to experiment more with this particular feature.

Llama photograph with the Lumix GX8

I’m really liking the Lumix GX8, but I still have lots to try, and lots to get used to.

The llamas don’t seem to mind me using this camera around them. In fact they seem more curious about the camera than anything else and often come over to have a really up close and personal look at the small black object in my hands. Perhaps they think I have some tasty carrots tucked away inside for later.

White llama

In the past when they saw the Nikon and its lenses they all tended to walk the other way, but this llama couldn’t even be bothered to get up from his comfy bed of fallen leaves. He just sat there and let me take a few pictures.

So overall the Lumix is a hit with the llamas a major plus point for me.

Moving from Nikon to Lumix

Well I have finally done it. I have just swapped my Nikon D300s for the Panasonic Lumix GX8. I wanted something smaller and lighter to carry around with me as I have been finding the Nikon increasingly difficult to use due to some of my long-term health issues.

The guys at Carmarthen Cameras were extremely helpful and spent ages with me discussing all the available micro four-third options. Overall I preferred the feel and the weight of the GX8 in my hand and so went for that with the 12-60mm kit lens.

There will be quite a learning curve in making the switch over as the two systems are very different. Time will tell as to whether or not I made the right choice.

But for the moment here is the first picture taken with my new Lumix. I will keep you updated as to how it all goes.