You can now find me on Behance

I am working on a few photography projects at the moment which you can find over on Behance.

The first project is based around the life of the Welsh honey bee throughout the year.

The second is a creative arts project that blends fact and fiction.

Here is an image from the honey bee project

A Welsh Honey Bee
Honey Bee Focus Elaine Hillson Photography

Photography – crow

It has been a while since I last shared a post and a picture.

I am still busy working making sense of the research I have completed so far for the research monitoring process of my first year of PhD work. At the moment I am having difficulty in articulating just how fundamental I consider the process of translation and interpretation to be to my work and to my approach to research.  I expect in part this is because it is a theory I am still in the process of developing and will not reach an easily expressible form until later in the PhD.

So as can be expected at this stage it is a work in progress.

So for now here is a photograph I took earlier in the year of crow on some castle walls.  I do think these birds are fascinating.